5 Things to do Montego Bay

Montego Bay is one of the largest and most energetic cities in the Caribbean. Whether you are visiting Jamaica on a one time vacation or your sole purpose is to travel the world and see it all, Montego Bay is a MUST SEE!

Here are Treasure Hunt’s top 5 things to do Montego Bay! You will note that our list is a bit different from others as we try to show you a local and authentic experience. Another difference is that our list will keep you in Montego Bay and doesn’t exclude excursions outside the city.


Scuba Diving and Watersports

scuba diving jamaica

Jamaica is known for its rich coral reefs and burst underwater biodiversity. Our list is meant to offer a variety of different experiences and scuba diving is the perfect way to start it. Montego Bay hosts several different companies that facilitate scuba diving as well as diving and snorkelling lessons and certifications. One of our recommendations is Kelly’s Watersports. They also offer deep sea fishing, glass-bottom boat rides, parasailing and tubing.


Gaming at Treasure Hunt

Gambling in Jamaica

Call us biased to include ourselves in this list. But we are that confident! For the best casino and gambling experience in Jamaica, be sure to visit us. No other casino or hotel gaming lounge on the island compares to us. A premium bar, top-notch customer service, FREE gaming credit for first-time visitors. Get details


Rose Hall Great House Tour

Rose Hall Great House Montego Bay

This is a truly Jamaican experience. Dating back to the 1800s, the Rose Hall Great House was said to be the home of Annie Palmer. Born to European parents, she was known as the ‘White Witch of Rose Hall”. She was said to be taught witchcraft by her nanny after her parents died and she went on to kill multiple of her spouses.

You can visit her home and see her grave in this creepy but thrilling tour. Book here!


Explore Downtown Montego Bay

sam sharpe square montego bay

Many tourists are advised to stay in resort areas. But as long as you take safety precautions and have a trusted guide, then we must recommend going into downtown Montego Bay for a truly authentic experience. You will meet people and be able to buy things that you just won’t see in the hotels and tourist boutiques.

One of our favorite downtown sites is the Sam Sharpe square. Here persons pay tribute to Sam Sharpe who rebelled against slavery before being executed in the downtown marketplace in 1932.

Get a taste of Jamaican street food from the vendors and shop where the locals do. Like we said exercise safety precautions and you will have a good time.


Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

This is the one bird watching experience you will ever have that doesn’t require patience. The birds here are full of variety and they are waiting for you to come to feed them!

In fact, the birds love it here so much that many of the species fly thousands of miles from different countries to come here.

The only thing required of you is to be a bit quiet so they aren’t startled.

Read More: http://rocklandsbirdsanctuary.info/



There you have it! We hope you enjoyed our list. We tried our best to tell you about destinations that are truly authentic and true to Jamaican culture, folklore as well as it’s wildlife.

Thanks for reading!