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Blackjack for Dummies: How to Play Blackjack Guide

blackjack for dummies

The objective of blackjack: Beat the Dealer

Unlike other games like poker when you are going up against other players, in blackjack you are just trying to beat the dealer.

How do you beat the dealer you may ask? Well, you have to try to get closer to a value of 21 than the dealer, without going over 21.

How do you beat the dealer?

By drawing a hand value that is higher than the dealer’s hand value. By the dealer drawing a hand value that exceeds 21. Or finally, By drawing a hand value of 21 on your first two cards, when the dealer does not.

How do you lose to the dealer? 

If your Your hand value exceeds 21 or the dealer’s hand has a greater value than yours at the end of the round


How to find the value of a hand?

The value of your hand is dependent on the cards that you get.

  1. Cards 2-10 are face value. Meaning they are valued exactly the amount that is on the card.
  2. Ace counts as 1 or 11. This depends on the value that is most helpful to the hand.
  3. King, Queen and Jacks are all valued at 10.

blackjack card values


Layout of the Blackjack Table

Blackjack table layout

The blackjack table is designed to have the players sit on one side around a semi-circle, and the dealer alone on the other side with a chip rack and the cards to be dealt. Blackjack table sizes range from having as little as 5 players to as much as 12.


Let’s Play Blackjack

1. Purchasing Chips

When you play blackjack you are playing for money. That’s what makes it a casino game. Depending on where you are playing, in order to make a wager, you have to either buy chips from the dealer, on in the case of an electronic blackjack table, you will make bets using money put on a gaming card.

electronic blackjack

electronic blackjack table. Gaming card with funds is used instead of chips

2. Place a wager

Before the dealer hands out cards, you will have to place a bet for the first round. Depending on where you are gambling, there is a minimum bet, often times USD$5. So you will place chips that amount to $5 our place the best using your gaming card if playing on an electronic blackjack table.

3. Dealer deals cards to players

In a clockwise motion, the dealer deals cards to the players. Each player gets two face-up cards and the dealer will have one face-up and another facedown.

blackjack casino jamaica

4. How you want to play hand

The dealer will ask started from their left (otherwise called “first base”), how each player wants to play their hand. There are 5 ways you can play your hand but before we get there, there are some initial possibilities. If you have a card valued at 10 and an ace you automatically get a value of 21 and you “blackjack”, meaning you won the round against the dealer. You immediately get half of your wager added to your current amount (x1.5). If both the player and the dealer gets blackjack then it cancels out and you neither win nor lose your wager.

If neither you nor the dealer gets a blackjack then you will choose how you want to play your hand.

Stand – If your first two cards are acceptable. This means you don’t want the dealer to deal you another card that may risk you a “bust”, going over 21.

Hit – Remember now, to beat the dealer the total number of cards has to be closer to 21 without going bust. So if you want to improve your total, you will point using your index finger, or select hit if playing on an electronic machine. The dealer will deal cards until you tell him to stop or if you bust.

Doubledown – This is when you ask the dealer to hit you with 1 more card, and you double your wager. This should only be done if you think that you have a really good possibility of winning the round.

Split- If you have two of the same cards (for example two 5’s) or two cards of the same value (for example a king and a jack) you can split the hand into two hands and place two separate wagers.

Surrender- if you don’t think you have a chance of winning based on your hand. You can give up half your wager and surrender. This is better than to risk the high chance of losing all of your wager.

With so many options, which do you choose? Well at this point you would not have seen the dealer’s second card, as it is faced down. Only his first. Based on the card you can see, you must decide what the best options might be.

There is a chart that helps with this. The chart shows the best thing to do based on the dealer’s single card you see and the existing value in your hand. So check it out here. 

5. Outcomes & Payouts

Here are the possible outcomes based on which one of the 5 options you chose:

a. You chose to stand and didn’t ask to be dealt more cards.

b. You either chose hit, double or split which means you took more cards. And you achieved a hand of 21 or less.

c. Your hand is out of play. You might have taken more cards and busted or you surrendered.


All this is done before the dealer reveals their second card. So the casino always has an advantage.

If you didn’t surrender or bust then it’s time for the dealer to reveal their full hand. They cannot double, split or surrender. Just stand if their hand is below 17 or hit if their hand is 17 or above. They HAVE to do this each turn and does not have all the options that the players do.

Here are the possible outcomes:

a. The dealer makes a hand which means they got between 17 and 21. If you didn’t bust or surrender then it comes down to who has the highest card count. If you do then you get double your wager, if the dealer does he takes your wager. If both get the same card total then it cancels out and you neither get paid or lose your wager for this round.

b. The dealer busts and doubles your wager.


A next round begins, you can choose to stop or bet your more chips or gaming credit if you want to! That’s pretty much it! Read this over a couple of times if you have to but once you play a few rounds then it becomes pretty simple.




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If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, contact Rise Life Management Services now!

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5 Things to do Montego Bay Wed, 08 Jan 2020 22:51:32 +0000 5 Things to do Montego Bay Read More »

Montego Bay is one of the largest and most energetic cities in the Caribbean. Whether you are visiting Jamaica on a one time vacation or your sole purpose is to travel the world and see it all, Montego Bay is a MUST SEE!

Here are Treasure Hunt’s top 5 things to do Montego Bay! You will note that our list is a bit different from others as we try to show you a local and authentic experience. Another difference is that our list will keep you in Montego Bay and doesn’t exclude excursions outside the city.


Scuba Diving and Watersports

scuba diving jamaica

Jamaica is known for its rich coral reefs and burst underwater biodiversity. Our list is meant to offer a variety of different experiences and scuba diving is the perfect way to start it. Montego Bay hosts several different companies that facilitate scuba diving as well as diving and snorkelling lessons and certifications. One of our recommendations is Kelly’s Watersports. They also offer deep sea fishing, glass-bottom boat rides, parasailing and tubing.


Gaming at Treasure Hunt

Gambling in Jamaica

Call us biased to include ourselves in this list. But we are that confident! For the best casino and gambling experience in Jamaica, be sure to visit us. No other casino or hotel gaming lounge on the island compares to us. A premium bar, top-notch customer service, FREE gaming credit for first-time visitors. Get details


Rose Hall Great House Tour

Rose Hall Great House Montego Bay

This is a truly Jamaican experience. Dating back to the 1800s, the Rose Hall Great House was said to be the home of Annie Palmer. Born to European parents, she was known as the ‘White Witch of Rose Hall”. She was said to be taught witchcraft by her nanny after her parents died and she went on to kill multiple of her spouses.

You can visit her home and see her grave in this creepy but thrilling tour. Book here!


Explore Downtown Montego Bay

sam sharpe square montego bay

Many tourists are advised to stay in resort areas. But as long as you take safety precautions and have a trusted guide, then we must recommend going into downtown Montego Bay for a truly authentic experience. You will meet people and be able to buy things that you just won’t see in the hotels and tourist boutiques.

One of our favorite downtown sites is the Sam Sharpe square. Here persons pay tribute to Sam Sharpe who rebelled against slavery before being executed in the downtown marketplace in 1932.

Get a taste of Jamaican street food from the vendors and shop where the locals do. Like we said exercise safety precautions and you will have a good time.


Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

This is the one bird watching experience you will ever have that doesn’t require patience. The birds here are full of variety and they are waiting for you to come to feed them!

In fact, the birds love it here so much that many of the species fly thousands of miles from different countries to come here.

The only thing required of you is to be a bit quiet so they aren’t startled.

Read More:



There you have it! We hope you enjoyed our list. We tried our best to tell you about destinations that are truly authentic and true to Jamaican culture, folklore as well as it’s wildlife.

Thanks for reading!

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7 Slot Machine Tips That Really Work! Thu, 12 Dec 2019 23:49:10 +0000 7 Slot Machine Tips That Really Work! Read More »

Want to make the most out of your next trip to the slots? Maybe you are new to slot machine games completely. We have accumulated these 7 helpful slot machine tips to help you out!

If we are being honest, there is nothing legal you can do to increase the chances of winning at the slots. Some persons try mischevious tricks that sometimes work, however they are illegal and they are quickly caught and arrested.

What we can do though is give you the best tips to help you make the most out of your gambling experience.

Slot machine games are the most popular casino games in many countries. It is easy to play and require a small amount of money for sizeable prizes.

Despite being simple to play, there are different types of slot machine games and this leads us to tip #1.


Slot Machine Tip #1: Understand the Rules

There are different types of slot machines such as random and progressive. There are also different games with slight variations. Even though they are all pretty straight forward, reading the instructions before starting can really help!

Whenever you start playing a new slot machine game, look for an option on the screen or a button on the machine that will display the instructions.


Slot Machine Tip #2: Finding the Loose Slot

Back in the day, many persons thought that mechanical defects on the older slot machines mean that at least one machine in every casino would have an unusually high payout or Jackpot. This might be true back then. But now with electronic and programmed machines, this is highly unlikely. But this does not mean that there isn’t a machine with a high payout rate. In fact, there are machines with a very high payout percentage over time vs other machines.

But casinos tend to strategically place these to minimize the use of these machines. Some casinos tend to put these machines at the end of rows. But others do it differently. It’s up to you to figure it out.


Slot Machine Tip #3: Practice by Playing for Free

There are tons of websites such as Planet7 that offer free slot machine games. This is will make you feel more comfortable about your odds before going to the casino. You will have a chance to understand various games, pay tables, multipliers and so much more! Bonuses and free spins also vary from game to game.


Slot Machine Tips #4: ‘Due’ Payouts Don’t Exist

Persons often spend a lot of time and money on a machine they believe is ‘due’ to go jackpot. The truth is, machines choose the winning combination randomly. There is no way to actually know when a slot machine will payout and it’s not worth all your time, effort and money because you think it’s due.



Slot Machine Tips #5: If you play progressive, make sure you’re eligible to win big

Progressive slot machines do not have a fixed jackpot. Instead, each wager is added to the jackpot. Increasing it.

Some progressive machines have a single jackpot. On these, you usually have to best maximum to be eligible for the Jackpot.

Modern video slots these days come with different Jackpot levels. Such as bronze, silver, gold & platinum. Some machines go to twelve levels. You are only eligible for a certain jackpot level if you bet the required amount.

Progressive slots pay less than random slots if you aren’t playing for the jackpot. So make sure your eligible if you choose to go progressive.


Slot Machine Tips #6: Take advantage of Promotions

There are always bonuses, free spins, giveaways, special clubs when it comes to casinos and gaming lounges. Be sure to take advantage of these. Especially since most are free and can only improve your experience.

For example here at Treasure Hunt Gaming, all our new customers get $20 FREE gaming credit and subscribers to our newsletter get an additional $20 FREE gaming credit.

Loyal customers will get continuous bonuses.


Slot Machine Tips #7: Understand Slot Denominations

Slot denomination means the value placed on each credit on a slot machine. For example on a dollar machine, each credit is worth $1. A penny machine means that the denomination is set to $0.01 per credit.

A dollar slot, in fact, yields much better payout percentage than a penny slot. Payout percentages for penny slots are usually around 86%. While dollar slots around 95%. Quarter slots and so forth are in between.

But this also means even though you can win bigger on the dollar slots, you are taking large risks and your average losses might be more than betting on slot machines of lower denomination.


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Slot Machine Terminology

First time Gambling in Jamaica

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4 First Time Casino Gambling in Jamaica Tips Sat, 30 Nov 2019 15:47:52 +0000 4 First Time Casino Gambling in Jamaica Tips Read More »

If you are Gambling in Jamaica for the first time, you might be a bit sceptical. Whether you are a local Jamaican or a person visiting from overseas, you want to ensure you have the best experience possible. Here are our 4 insights to help you accomplish this.


Gambling in Jamaica Vs. Las Vegas

Unfortunately, much of the casino games you will find in Vegas you won’t find in Jamaica. There are many prohibitions surrounding gambling in Jamaica and so this limits the type of games available.

Live table games like blackjack (aka ’21’), red dog, big six and Keno are banned. So if you want to have a good gambling experience in Jamaica you will have to make the most of what is allowed. This includes mostly slot machines. However, automated versions of table games are allowed such as blackjack, horse racing and roulette machines.


Finding the Best Gaming Lounge

Jamaica has issues with illegal gambling as well as poor service in many areas. Usually, to guarantee safety, persons rely on resort casinos. This solves the issue of gaming legally. However, resort casinos and lounges are very poor in terms of top-notch casino services and game selection.

For the best selection of games and a premium casino floor, Treasure Hunt Gaming in Montego is, in fact, your ONLY choice!

Treasure Hunt offers:

  • Premium bar and Liquor
  • Extensive rewards and giveaways
  • Loyalty Program
  • Waiter Service
  • Non-taxable winnings
  • Easy to access location (tourist-friendly area)
  • 100’s of machines
  • Widest selection of games
  • Much more!

Treasure Hunt Gaming and many other major and certified casinos in Jamaica are in close proximity to airports, hotels and transport services. You can take local taxis, private taxis or rent a car if you don’t own one here in Jamaica. Taxi drivers in Jamaica tend to know their way around well and do not rely on GPS for navigation.

Gaming Lounge in Jamaica


Before you start Gaming

Just a few things to note before running off to win big.

The gambling age in Jamaica is 18 and you have to be at least 18 to enter Treasure hunt. This means that ID is absolutely necessary. Valid ID’s include

The Jamaican and US dollar are accepted all across Jamaica, however, be careful travelling with too much cash. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card are widely accepted as well.

Please note that different gambling places and casino floors will have different dress codes.

Finally, before gaming always accept that losing is possible and start with an amount of money that you are prepared to lose. Gambling is about luck and the house always has the advantage.



After You’ve Won

Gaming Lounge Montego Bay

When you win big, KNOW WHEN TO STOP! Often times persons lose all their winnings by continuing to gambling.

Also be sure to have safe transit to your hotel, villa or home. You don’t want to risk losing your winnings.



Other Useful Information

  • Find all of your other questions answered on our FAQ‘s page.
  • If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, contact Rise Life Management Services now!


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